History of The Tylers Sword

By WBro. Peter HIGGINS

I joined Taverners Lodge in February 2006 and was introduced to the Tyler W. Bro L.E. Woodward PPJGW. It was then I first saw the Tylers sword and became aware of its significance. In July 2006 Taverners Lodge held its 50th Anniversary meeting where Bro Frank MILNER portrayed the history of the lodge. A letter regarding the Tylers sword was read out giving an explanation of how the lodge came to have the sword. The sword had no scabbard, was tarnished and had no sword knot on it.

I took the sword home, cleaned it and fitted a sword knot (sword knot is British Naval Officers knot). Curiosity then got the better of me and I began scouring the internet to find out its origins. After many hours research I came across a website (details below).

See website http://users.skynet.be/euro-swords/naval1837.htm