Social Function Pictures

Christmas 2014 White Table Event

Courtesy of W.Bro Geoff Bishop

W.Bro Mark Jones Installation


Worshipful Master, W.Bro Mark Jones with his proposer W.Bro Keith Seymour


Worshipful Master with his official guests from Hospitality and Concord Lodge 8645 (Province of Dorset) W. Bro Adrian Palmer (WM) W. Bro Dick Cox W. Bro Derek Williams (Secretary)


Festive Board

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Visit to Inhabitants Lodge No. 153 in Gibraltar

onĀ 17th October 2015


Worshipful Master, Brethren of Inhabitants Lodge and their visitors



Ladies Night 2015

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Cheque presented to British Heart Foundation by W.Bro Pete Higgins and Bro. Greg Moseley 12th May 2015

rocky appeal

Cheque presented to Rocky Appeal by W.Bro Pete Higgins and Bro. Greg Moseley 12th May 2015


Cheque presented to Eagle Appeal by W.Bro Pete Higgins and Bro. Greg Moseley 12th May 2015


Cheque presented to Rainbow Centre by W.Bro Pete Higgins 12th May 2015


Cheque presented to Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre by W.Bro Keith Seymour 12th May 2015

Grand Lodge.html

W.Bro Geoff & W.Bro Scott Spafford at Grand Lodge 11th March 2015

Grand Lodge1

W.Bro Geoff Spafford and W.Bro Pete Higgins at Grand Lodge 11th March 2015


December 2014 Meeting


WM at St Andrews Church, Farlington for Remembrance Sunday service 2014

Remembrance Sunday 2014

Remembrance Sunday 2014 at St Andrews Church, Farlington.


W.Bro Spafford, W.Bro Shepherd, W.Bro Higgins

southsea remembrance

W.Bro Seymour at Southsea Memorial 2014


W.Bro Jon Walsgrove presenting cheque to Cardiomyothapy